FaithWork Publishing, LLC is an Independent Publisher, founded on the principle of global community enrichment.  We focus on publications that provide socially significant content that reflects our commitment to giving a voice to culturally diverse authors, and stimulating readers to explore literature from multiple perspectives.

Every service offered has the end goal in mind:  getting the best possible product in the hands of an avid reader, and leaving a lasting impact.  From author engagement to manuscript reviews, book design, marketing and publication, we are dedicated to quality and excellence.

"We are committed to giving every publication the best chance of success, and developing long-lasting relationships with our authors." – Toni Woolridge, Publisher and Chief Editor


Accountability Commitment | Integrity | Dedication

“FaithWork Publishing, LLC is small in size, but mighty in purpose. Intentionally staffed with socially-conscious Generation X and Y team members, these folks have an uncompromising business practice and unwavering commitment to their authors, and to their brand. The name rings true as every team member is rooted in their spiritual and humanitarian beliefs, and labors in unity."   – Pamela R. McCauley, PhD, CPE