1st Steps to Print

Fool's Gold vs Facts

The internet is filled with information on self-publishing vs traditional publishing, and the pitfalls of both.  Agent or no agent?  Branding, royalties and contracts...oh, the horror!  Not really.  This workshop breaks down the facts vs fiction in this new market you are in.  Our speakers have been there, done that, and will save you the cost of the t-shirt.

It Is Your Legacy

For the month of February 2019, our team at FaithWork Publishing Corp recognizes Mykal T. Shannon; our first published author and dedicated Man of God.  This book, "Trans Expressions: the many faces of my ftm journey" serves as a stepping stone in Mykal's career as a writer and advocate for justice for everyone.  We are proud to have him as our first author and welcome his upcoming books with FWP.

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Featured Author and Book for February 2019


You have spent every free minute jotting down your thoughts.  It's not complete, but it provides the foundation of your book.  This workshop will guide you through the steps for pulling your words into a concise rhythm, maturing the message or characters, and preparing your manuscript for its first review/edit.  Our CEO conducts this session, personally.

OMG, it has finally happened:  you are published!  Print books are flying off the shelves, your e-book is the latest "must read"...so what's next?  This workshop includes one-on-one consultations to discuss multi-book deals, goal-setting, and accountability to your brand.  Your name and  innermost thoughts are out there now; you can't take them back...but you do need to protect them.   


Independent Publisher