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The family  joke had always been:  "if you want her to stop talking, give her a book." To this day, I still giggle about it.  I am ALWAYS talking, and I have loved books all my life!  They take me to another place and time.  I get to live vicariously through those words and I learn so much about so many things.  This is what inspired me to start FWP, so I can keep doing exactly what I love...books!!!  Whether you are a new author or an established writer, join our team to get the "cadillac treatment", because we understand.


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Organizational Subject Matter Expert, with an Artistic Flare 

Our CEO, Ms. Toni Woolridge has spent 30 years in service to the Department of Defense (DoD) with Program Management, Technical Design, and Corporate Growth.  At this pivotal stage of life, she has realized that there are some faith-based and philanthropic dreams that she had yet to pursue.  Enter the time for FaithWork!  A life-long avid reader, Toni started FWP so she could continue to read & grow, while helping fellow authors realize their dreams.