Full-Service Design, Print, and Publishing

Review & Edit Services

Each manuscript is different, so we do not offer a flat fee or a "per page" fee for editorial work. We review every piece of work; resulting in a detailed evaluation of your book to identify what type of editing is needed.  We work with our authors to ensure all changes are approved and accepted prior to print.

Marketing Strategy

With FaithWork Publishing Corp,  you can have our team of experts bring your cover design and/or inner text ideas to life. Our team has a wealth of design experience, and has worked on everything from branding for marketing and outreach event campaigns to book covers and illustrative layouts.

Printing & Publishing

Book printing and publishing has become almost a niche market over the last few years. We have established a relevant and flexible professional network and industry connections that allows us to help young and seasoned writers get their works out, professionally!


Independent Publisher